In the 1980s Kenny Garrett said that if John Coltrane was alive he would play hip hop because hip hop was “the music of today”.
This album is my attempt to bring my view of “the music of today” to the compositions of Charlie Parker.

released March 11, 2016
Nacho de Frutos – guitar
Jorge Castaneda – piano
Dario Guibert – bass
Stefan Goranov – drums

Recorded on the 19th of December 2015 by Todd Carder at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NYC
Mixed on the 18th of January 2016 by John Davis at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NYC
Mastered by Alex de Turk


The idea, music, drawings and lyrics for this album were inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short novel “Frost and Fire”.

I wrote the songs “Free” and “Exit” in 2012 in Groningen, while studying there, however I have abandoned the idea for four years until I met, played, recorded, hung out and lived with my amazing friends and colleagues Jorge Castañeda, Darío Guibert, Nacho de Frutos with whom we recorded our first album in December 2015 in New York.
Before moving to Madrid for a year I spent the summer in Bulgaria, writing and completing the idea that started in 2012 in the Netherlands.

The band that recorded the album features Alexander Logozarov on the guitar with whom we have been playing and sharing all kinds of adventures throughout the years – he was the first person to play to original versions of “Free” and “Exit” so it was in a way a proper end of a long cycle.

I believe it is appropriate to mention the names of all musicians and friends who helped me complete this second album of my quartet by taking part in it – consciously or not: Alex Logozarov, Jorge Castañeda, Darío Guibert, Nacho de Frutos, Setareh Nafisi, Daniel Juarez, Pranas Kentra, Tyler Luppi, Mark Haanstra, Michael Moore, Steve Altenberg, June Koo, Rafael Pereira Lima, Patrice Blanchard, Benson Itoe, Marta Warelis, Adra Karim, Dimitar Karamfilov, Dimitar Liolev, Viktorija Pilatovic and Evden Dimitrov.

released December 21, 2017

Alex Logozarov – guitar
Jorge Castañeda – keys
Darío Guibert – double bass
Stefan Goranov – drums
Setareh Nafisi – voice

Music and lyrics by Stefan Goranov
Recorded and mixed by Ivan Nedelev live at the Beebop Cafe, Plovdiv, Bulgaria July 6th 2017
Voice recorded by Sem van Royen in Groningen, the Netherlands
Voice mixed by Evden Dimitrov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Artwork by Spartak Yordanov

Electronic versions of the Frost/Fire release.
Stefan Goranov – synthesizer

“Minimal Images” is the first solo album and debut on Mahorka of drummer Stefan Goranov. Exploring rhythmic ideas from his previous two albums as the leader of his jazz quartet – Birdwatch – Music of Charlie Parker (NYC 2015)” and Gorafunk – Frost/Fire (Plovdiv 2017) – Stefan invloves techiniques characteristic for the music of Steve Reich and other minimal composers of the 20th century but in a linear (melodic) rather than vertical (harmonic) way.
Some ideas have been borrowed as well from the American jazz musician Steve Coleman and one of his teachers – Doug Hammond, namely the idea of improvising over rhythmic ‘chants’.
The influence of two other great teachers and musicians – Steve Altenberg and Michael Moore is also very important for the creation of this album. Not so much as particular musical ideas are concerned, but as an overall approach to improvisation, composition and music.

released October 27, 2019

For Steve Reich, Steve Coleman, Steve Altenberg and Michael Moore
Drums and synthesizer by Stefan Goranov
Cover artwork and cassette design by Angel Draganov


Miroslav Ivanov is undoubtedly one of the most famous and respected guitar players and musicians based in Bulgaria. During his carrier he worked as a live performer and a studio musician for the biggest names in Bulgaria; Stefan Valdobrev, Dony and Momchil, Kamelia Todorova, Arabel Karajan, Vasil Naidenov, Dynamite Brass Band, D2, Elitza Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov, Mitko Sterev and the German band “De Phazz”. In 1999 he co-founded and composed most compositions in the well known, at that time, funky-jazz orientated band called “Infinity”.
In 2008 Miroslav was invited to join an award-winning alternative Irish rock band called AMORIC. As a guitarist and leading composer he recorded compositions with Grammy nominated US producer Bruce Sugar in Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios. The band played at many Irish festivals and at SolFest in England.
In 2013 Miroslav established “Miroslav Ivanov Quartet”. Little Alien is the latest album released by Miroslav Ivanov in November 2019.

Band led by Pranas Kentra and Stefan Goranov.

Eddy Determeyer:
“…a complete power plant on four square meters.”
“…calm as the eye of a hurricane.”

Pranas Kentra – guitars
Hiske Oosterwijk – vocals
Mark Haanstra – bass on tracks 2, 3 and 6
Stefan Goranov – drums
Benson Enowben Itoe – bass on tracks 4 and 5
Dominykas Digimas – cellos on track 3

Label: Cantina Records
Recorded by Rasmus Zschoch at PCC studio, Groningen, the Netherlands, September, 2015
Some guitars and cello at Pranas’s home studio
Intro track recorded by Oliver Schmidt at PCC studio, October, 2014
Mix and master by Leonardo Grimaudo
Artwork & graphic design by Igorizo
Produced by Pranas Kentra and Stefan Goranov for Cantina Records

Nardis written by M. Davis, (arr.P. Kentra)
My Favorite Things written by R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II, (arr. P. Kentra)
Now’s the Time written by Ch. Parker, (arr. S. Goranov)
LHF written by Stefan Goranov
Centrifuge written by Pranas Kentra

“Centrifuge is a song that I wrote in spring, 2014,
on the day when some news struck me and sitting down
with my instrument seemed like the only option for that day.
The song title is not about a washing machine.
It is about ego. I think that every human from his or her perspective is the centre of events and life sort of spins around each of us.
Some “centrifugal” forces in one’s mind could
spin things away from the centre and lower one’s ego. Constantly learning and remembering to move that ego away seems to me like a nice ideal of living life and doing one’s job.
The song order on the CD and their moods
might hint a story of how one might perceive life:
starting with an easy, rockfish and party like arrangement of Nardis, moving on to the darker and complicated tune of Stefan, continuing with the song about one’s favourite things
which leads to Now’s the Time (time to change?)
and finishing with Centrifuge.”
P. Kentra 

released March 22, 2016